Sunday, April 23, 2017

Chapter 9 Metacognitive

What was really going through nicks head to decide to write about Gatsby's death date almost 2 years later? Was he thinking of what to write in those 2 years or did it just come to him one day? I think it's crazy how many people talked about Gatsby in such a great way but almost no one shows up to his funeral. I understand why Daisy and Tom moved but like Wolfsheim, why didn't he show up? The most confusing thing about the people at his funeral was Owl eyes. I feel like he has a way bigger connection to the city than anyone knows about. What was his connection with Gatsby to make him show up to the funeral? Do you think that Fitzgerald meant something when mentioning Gatsby's book of self improvement? I think that Fitzgerald felt as if something was missing in his life and that's why he put the self improvement book in there. Why didn't nick flee after everything happened and finally decided to leave the city after 2 years? We see Nicks point when Tom and Nick encounter, but what was Tom thinking when he saw Nick right before Nick left? Was Tom nervous at all? I agree with Nick about his opinion on Tom and Daisy, and Tom isn't any better than Gatsby saying that he deserved to die. Nick in my opinion is the most intelligent man in this story, Not the wealthiest, but he realizes peoples problems and knows how to stop them before the act. Great book by far.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chapter 7 Metacognitive

Like I said in the last chapters reflections, Gatsby's obsession with Daisy is sort of taking over his stable state of mind. Gatsby was always an observer throughout the first part of the book but since Daisy arrived, it's taken over his focus and is slowly affecting his secretiveness in a negative manner. I really can't seem to understand Nick, he never seems surprised by anything that comes his way and always seems to know how to react to the weirdest conversations and situations. How did he feel when he saw Gatsby and Jordan at Tom's house? Daisy is the perfect character for this book because she's the type of girl to make a guy go insane and play the most ridiculous mind tricks. Like does she even care that she has a child because it sure doesn't seem like it when all four of them were at lunch together? How doesn't Tom freak out when Daisy asks to go to the city with Gatsby? He seems like type of person who makes a huge scene and is just a hot head. Wilson didn't seem like the brightest character so like how did he put 2 and 2 together that his wife was cheating on him? Things are getting heated in this suite and I like it. This chapter has made me really start to dislike Daisy. Why does she have to play with all these guys minds? Tom really just wants to show Gatsby that he's the real deal when sending her back with Gatsby. I really wonder what was going through Daisy's mind when she hit Myrtle? How guilty does she feel, if at all cause of the crazy person she is?

Chapter 6 Metacognitive

Are the suspicions about Gatsby getting a little more out there than Gatsby would like? I feel like he liked the very unknown part about him and he wanted to keep it that way. How did he feel about that reporter coming to his house? Where did Gatsby get his passion from and how did he just go for something without knowing anything that would come out of it? I feel like from his background, he could either have a lot of passion of none at all. Do you think he was pissed when he figured out that he wouldn't get Cody's fortune or did it just fuel him even more to achieve greatness? Did Nick just not want to see Gatsby or Daisy for that span of time or was he just a busy man? I feel like Nick isn't the type of person to just cut himself off from his friends for that span of time for a stupid reason. I like how Tom just goes to Gatsby's party for the distrust of Daisy. Gatsby needs to stop worrying about Daisy and just stick with what he knows. I feel like it's gonna get Gatsby in trouble in one way or another.

Chapter 5 Metacognitive

Why is Gatsby so insistent on him doing something that late at night and why is his house so lit up? Is he trying to get something off of his mind that he can't sleep over? Did Gatsby mean that Nick could quit his current job if he were to take this offer? I feel like Nick should be highly interested in this offer. I like how Nick denied Gatsby's offer to give him money to invite Daisy to tea. independency. How is Gatsby so nervous during tea with Daisy? I feel like he would be the type of person to just naturally know how to talk to people cause of all of his connections. Why did Gatsby just disappear? Gatsby is just acting so sketchy, knocking at the door when he was already there. Is opening his heart to her for the first time he's seen her in forever the best idea? I feel like either he's not gonna live up to her expectations or it's going to be the other way around.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Chapter 4 Metacognitive

Is chapter 4 kind of a little fast forwarded? It seems like he was just meeting Gatsby and now he's writing down the names of people who show up to his parties. Again to all of this guys connections, he seems to know every single person to show up to Gatsby's and their profession and social life and pretty much everything about everyone. Do you think that nick is too scared to confront Gatsby about his suspicions? I really can't tell if Gatsby is telling the truth or not due to everyones speculations about the man, it's so hard to trust him without knowing anything about him previously. Did he just admit to why he always has all of these parties? I wonder what this sad thing that happened to him is going to be about and how is it going to be presented to nick if he can't know until tonight? This Mr. Wolfsheim seems like an old friend to Mr. Gatsby and a wise person. What was the business connection that Wolfsheim was talking about? He fixed the world series? What does that mean and it just seems like a big deal? Gatsby is just such a sketchy character, exclusive and just mysterious as always. So was Jordan once jealous of Daisy and now they're good friends? If I recall correctly that they're good friends now. Was Daisy just very uneasy when she wasn't with Tom? Why did Daisy wait till later that night to confront Nick about Gatsby and how it must be the man she once knew? Why is Gatsby so sketchy about talking to Daisy?

Chapter 3 Metacognitive

Does Gatsby just literally always have people at his house? It seems like he just doesn't enjoy being alone at all. Always has to have something to do. Who is this Jordan Baker girl? She seems a little flirty. This one girl seems very excited to talk to Jordan Baker and it's kind of funny. Why are they speaking of Gatsby in such a Taboo manor? It's almost as he is just so unknown by everyone. What's this about him being a German spy during the war? Are people scared of him for that? Nobody actually knows about him and it seems like there are just a bunch of rumors about Gatsby. First, What is a hydroplane and why are all of these people inviting him to all of these occasions? Again, gaining a bunch of connections. That's pretty funny that he didn't even know that he was talking to Gatsby until after making plans to do something with him. When he asks Jordan who he is, why does she respond with, "He's just a man named Gatsby." It's just so mysterious. Gatsby doesn't drink, and he's watching over everyone at his house with "approving" eyes. Nick says he becomes more correct with the fraternal hilarity. Do all of the people make him think clearly? This would make sense to me if he had a drinking problem or something but Gatsby is just such a strange and Mysterious guy. Nick is observing Jordan in a more than friends type of way, and what happening at the party this late just sounds like no good with these drunk girls crying and singing at the same time. Was the actual owner of the car that was crashed, the guy that Nick and Jordan met in the library earlier that night? Nick just kind of realizes that falling for Jordan could either go really well or really badly. She's kind of playing dumb.

Chapter 2 Metacognitive

How long have those blue eyes been there and are they supposed to represent something? I guess some guy just left them there after his business failed or something. Who is this Tom guy? Why are they so curious about his girlfriend? He said that we were going to meet her and it's been such a long build up, like what does this old beat up garage and the ash heaps have to do with it? He's whipped by her. What's up with the Italian kid? Im just a little confused on who these McKee people are and what they have to do? That is so crazy that tom just punched Myrtle in the face and broke her nose. Is nick just coming to terms with a bunch of connections? It seems like Tom and now Mr. McKee asked him to go to lunch sometime and it just seems like he's talking to the right people.